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      Get an internet host provider for your site and install WordPress.
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      Site is protected and backed up.
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      Over the shoulder "How To" training
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      Multiple Sample Sites & Themes
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      Discount plans available
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    Plus a One Time $29.98 Setup Fee
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    by paying for 3 months in advance.
    every 12 months
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    That's equivalent to only
    . A saving of
    by paying for 12 months in advance.
    • No need to get your own hosting setup. All done for you and ready to go.
    • We use PREMIUM plugins to harden, secure, backup, and audit your site for essential protection!
    • Not sure how to make a change on your site? We've built over the shoulder type "How-To" videos right into your support console!
    • Want to get started the easiest way possible. We've done the "Heavy Lifting". See multiple templates already built and get a feel for how easy it will be to get started. Multiple ADDITIONAL themes available inside site to choose from to make it your own! Just pick a template now then change the theme in the Appearance tab of your dashboard. It's THAT SIMPLE!
    • Looking to go month to month or a few months at a time? How about done for the whole year? We got plans for that. Check out how you can save above.
    • We've got that covered too. Affiliate & Earnings disclaimers, Anti-Spam, DCMA & Copyright notices... all built and installed. Add your email and website name and you're DONE!
    • Easily send, receive, and read messages from friends you select inside your blog dashboard. Allow Avatars and show who you are friends with in the MyCraftBlog community.
    • We're here to help and with a special Premium plug-in. Boost your PageRank and drive more traffic to your site with little effort and simple configuration tools. Customize titles, auto-link keywords and generate sitemaps
    • Google LOVES speed. We've made your site load faster with file compression, minification, browser caching, Cloudflare integration and performance monitoring – because when it comes to pagespeed, every millisecond counts.
    • The Premium plug-ins alone would cost you at least $50 per month. You're getting a hosted blog site, with premium plug-ins, SEO setup and site performance maximized for you. Backups, firewall, and other security configurations, as well as premium themes already done for you... You get to just log in and get started within minutes. Now THAT'S value!!